Mall Salad

Mall Salad’s Album Cover

Fabric Salad’s first multi-track release, Mall Salad, will be available for streaming and download worldwide on October 24, 2023. Pre-orders will be available starting October 19, 2023.

Inspired by the music of the 1980s one might have heard wandering a shopping mall, or waiting for a dentist, Mall Salad is a melange of drums, synthesizers, and commercial viability. See the Mall Salad Hyperfollow Page to check availability.

Track List

  • Softline Sugar Rush (4:05)
  • Franchise Freshness (2:34)
  • Dressing Rooms (3:22)
  • Ice Cream Escalator (2:21)
  • You Are Here (1:26)
  • Buy Buy Buy (8:03)

Invention in Mercy

I have published an original composition, Invention in Mercy, for solo piano. Sheet music is available from the following retailers. Sound recording is available as a demo on